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Accessibility Satement


We are working hard to make this web site as accessible and usable for everyone.

If you have any trouble using this web site, your feedback will help us to make it better for everyone. So if you spot any problems please, in the first instance, contact us immediately and let us know.

Standards compliance

Every page on this web site has been designed to comply with...


Most links contain TITLE attributes that describe the purpose of the link in greater detail than is possible in the link text on the web page. Where the link text fully describes the link we may have omitted a TITLE attribute.


All content images on this web site include descriptive ALT and TITLE attributes so that screen readers will read the text to the web site visitor and text-only browsers will display the text in place of the image.

Images used in the construction of the web site, such as background images and menus, will not include ALT and TITLE attributes as these graphics are not related to the content of the web page.

Visual design

The web site uses CSS (cascading style sheets) to format the visual layout and text content contained within it. The size of all text can be increased and decreased by the visitor's browser text-size settings.

If your browser does not support stylesheets, or text size manipulation, textual content can still be read.


All input fields in forms on this web site are marked up with label tags. This enables visitors who find it difficult to use a mouse can click on the text beside the field to place the cursor inside the field.


The summary attribute of tables, that used to be used to describe the contents of tables to users of screen readers, has been made obsolete with the introduction of the HTML 5 page description language. To counter this, all tables are designed simply and are adequately described in the preceeding heading and/or paragraph.

Help using the Internet

Find keyboards and/or mice hard to use?

If you find a keyboard or mouse hard to use, you could visit the following web sites for assistance...

Can't see very well?

If you can't see very well, you could visit the following web sites for assistance...

Are you blind?

Find out about screen readers and talking browsers.

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